Queer Sci-Fi Erotica

px_bookcover_lowresA native of the planet Cyxtratis, Xafir was, until recently, in prison for attempted murder. Now he’s escaped, intent on finishing what he started three years ago. But to avoid the authorities and reach his goal, he needs help.
His only chance for freedom (and revenge) will come from a pair of unique alien siblings– one who wants his body, and one who wants to get inside his mind.
Notes from the Author

Cosmic Grind walks the line between genre scifi and erotica — but don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of steamy stuff in each episode, way not intended for readers under 18. I feel like I should mention that as an NC-17 story involving alien species, you should be prepared for custom made genitals ahead (though nothing too outrageous). It’s difficult to categorize this, particularly within the labels of LGBTism. But without diving deep into gender and sexuality politics or giving away spoilers, the feelings and personal experiences of the characters in this book may be familiar and relatable to gay/bi/queer, trans, and genderqueer individuals.

As long as you’re horny and like scifi, I hope that if none of those particular words fits your personal description, that it won’t prevent you from giving this book a try. Because I really do think that, even outside the LGBT readership, Cosmic Grind can appeal to a rainbow coalition of perverts.

Now available on Amazon, Welcome,  is the first installment of four parts that will be released over the course of 2016. Thanks for reading.